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The world over recognizes the fact that oysters have been a favourite of food lovers and romantics throughout many centuries. The oyster has maintained a timeless mystique when it comes to passion. When Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, sprang forth from the sea on an oyster shell and promptly gave birth to Eros, the word “aphrodisiac” was born. Roman emperors literally paid for them by their weight in gold. 

Introducing our PEI World-Famous Malpeque Oyster

Let’s begin by saying… The Malpeque Oyster was judged the world’s tastiest oyster at the Paris exhibition in 1900. At Howard’s Cove Shellfish Ltd, we are passionate and proud of our World famous Malpeque oysters. Grown and harvested here in beautiful, Prince Edward Island, Canada, the Malpeque is considered by many to be the “Gold Standard” by which all others are judged. By many it is also thought to be the finest in the world. It continues to be recognized as one of the world’s finest, known for its tough shells, clean sharp, briny taste and plump white to greyish meat.   Here at Howard’s Cove, we are proud of our steep Island history and tradition ofuntitled

Malpeque Oyster fishing going back over a 100 years to Malpeque Bay. The Malpeque oysters gets it name from Malpeque Bay where they were originally grown and harvested and is derived from the Mik`maq word meaning “big bay”.   From straight out of the half shell to soups, chowders or grilling on the barbeque, our unique malpeque oyster taste will leave you craving for more. We guarantee it!!  Check out the malpeque oyster brands that we have to offer.


A recent visit from FRANK BRUNI, a restaurant critic of The New York Times rates our oysters as silky perfection. Below are the highlights of the quote taken from the publicized article.

“But the real oyster revelations were at the offices of the Howard’s Cove Shellfish company, situated on the bay where I did my harvesting. The company markets IMG_4779oysters under several brands, including North Point, Cooke’s Cove, Cavendish Cups and Indian Creek, all of which are different grades and sizes of oysters that might simply be listed as Malpeques on an American menu.”


“The oyster finally opened. I lifted it, sucked it into my mouth, let it roll around there for a while. Wow. Lemon would have been an insult to it; mignonette sauce, an abomination. This was salty, silky perfection. And a tribute, I might add, to whoever plucked and shucked it.”


“I ate one, then another, and then another after that. I couldn’t stop smiling. These oysters were shockingly creamy, spectacularly briny and plumper than plump. They filled out their shells the way Jayne Mansfield filled out a dress.”

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